Some of our most frequently asked questions

What are your signs made of?

All of our signs are made with a substrate (that is the main backing material) of aluminum. Aluminum is a strong, light weight non ferrous metal which will not rust and is one of the best materials you can use to make outdoor signs. The aluminum is coated with a white enamel. The graphics of the signs are made with solid layers of outdoor vinyl. This way of making signs is one of the most durable methods for outdoor signs.

We are also adding a high quality inkjet printing for signs. In this method, graphics are printed directly onto vinyl, transferred to the aluminum substrate and then covered with a clear uv coating to prevent fading in the sun. This method allows us to use more colors and graphic styles than we could with cut vinyl.

How long do your signs last?

For our solid vinyl signs we use a 6 year professional grade material which will not fade or degrade for a MINIMUM OF 6 YEARS in the most harsh sun exposure. If the sign is not in direct sunlight it will go without fading for many more years. Other than colors fading over time the metal will not rust and the vinyl will never come off of the sign. After many years, you may see the edges of the vinyl shrinking and pulling back slightly but it will never come off.

Our inkjet printed signs are rated for 3 years no fading. We recommend this technique for signs that will be indoors or not in direct sunlight as they will fade more quickly than the solid vinyl signs but if you need more complicated graphics – such as textures and gradations – this is still the way to go.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship our signs anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada. Rates will vary depending on the size of sign you order.

Can you make custom shaped or sized signs?

Typically no, but there are exceptions. The signs we sell on location, in the booth, are all made from pre-cut aluminum and can not be modified. So we are limited to the sizes and shapes we have on hand. If you need a special size and/or shape, our designers can work with you on a special order. We prefer to work with you one on one for these orders, so if you can work out all the details and complete the order with us, in person, at the trade show, that is the best way to do it.

Can I order signs online?

Unfortunately no, we do not have an online ordering system. Each sign we make is a custom design which utilizes the expertise of our sign designers and thousands of archived art examples. In order to give you the best service possible, make the process quick and utilize our time in the best way, we have to work with you one on one, in person and on location. Please check our schedule for locations and times where we can be found during the year.

One exception to this rule is for returning customers. We save all the sign designs we make and if you have ordered from us in the past we can access the old signs in order to make duplicates or if you want to make a slight modification we are happy to make that happen.

Can you use artwork that I provide?

Definitely, we use customers’ artwork all the time. Many people email us files or bring them to us on a flash drive in the booth and we use that artwork in the sign design. For our cut vinyl signs the artwork must be converted to a VECTOR GRAPHIC FORMAT. We can sometimes convert art ourselves quickly but their if you can supply your artwork in VECTOR FORMAT that works the best. Vector art file formats are typically .ai (adobe illustrator), eps (encapsulated post script), .svg (scaleable vector graphics), or can be .pdf if the pdf file was saved in a vector graphic format from an application such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw which saves that vector information into the file. You can generally tell a vector art file because it is made up of lines and solid colors. If you have questions about your graphic you can email us the art and we’ll check it out for you.

If you are ordering an inkjet printed design, you can use other types of art, tiff, psd, bitmap etc. However, bitmap created artwork is dependent on the size it is created. These types of files can not be scaled to a large size and keep their detail and sharpness like a vector file can. Again, if you have art you would like to use on a sign, show it/send it to us and we’ll let you know if we can use it or not.